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Cashmere factory located in Kathmandu, Nepal. We are the manufacturer of various cashmere knitwear and woven product and export all over the world.


Samikchhya, My order arrived yesterday and I am very pleased. It was so easy to order and pay for the scarves, and they arrived in a timely manner. This is the simplest transaction I've had ordering pashmina scarves over the last five years. Thank you, and I look forward to doing more business with you!

Sandy Trimble, USA

Hi ! They arrived today and look really great ! I will come with new order very soon.

Kerree Kerr, Australia

Hi Samikchhya The scarves arrived perfectly - many thanks again!

Fiona, Australia

Hi Samikchhya ! HI LOVE everything and the quality is great, Thanks will re order soon,

Jackie Orr, Canada

Yes, the shipment arrived while I was out of town - thank you for checking! I love the 100% Cashmere products that I received and am interested in buying more.

Natasha, USA

That yak blanket might be thin, but it is surprisingly warm. I would recommend it to anyone I know who needs a warm blanket. also, the 70% cashmere\\30% silk scarf is great. I might even order again as a christmas gift for some friends.

Jesse Peacock, Amherst, USA

I was looking forward to a positive business relationship

Mary Stumpf, USA

I am very happy with my items. 

Felipe Molina, Chile

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