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Thank you for the shipment.yes I received them and it is beautiful. I will definitely reach out first thing to you if I need more order.

Michael Oertel, CA, USA

The sleeved poncho is in very good size,and the colours are lovely - I just love that travel wrap, thanks for suggesting to add these items.

Jane, Cape Town, South Africa

Hello !  am very pleased with my purchase, cable poncho is lovely and I am sure I can sell these quite a lot.

Frederica, Geneva, Switzerland

Hello ! Your slash neck poncho is so soft, and luxurious compare to my previous supplier, I will be choosing more colours and send you new order very soon.

Mary Ann, New Jersey, USA

Thank you just arrived and I love them!
I was wondering would you be able to send me a colour card so I can choose colours more accurately, the blue is lovely but a bit warmer than I thought, its the trouble with different monitors.

Clare, Sussex, UK

hi bhuban, no worry, all is well and i am happy with the lovely products. the poncho is indeed beautiful. i will be selling these items to my store.
I am happy also that we have developed a relationship and am very much looking forward to ordering again.

Robin Flam, NY, USA

Dear Bhuban,
Yes, I received your ponchos, they are really great!
And the delivery was fast and safe too, thank you!!!

Marianna Jonsson, Lidingo, Sweden

Ponchos- the quality is absolutely adorable (cashmere + silk),  and I would like to order more ponchos in (cashmere + silk) but in other summer pastel colors.

Barbara, Bevensen Germany

Hi Bhuban,
Just wanted to say the order arrived safely on Monday evening. The products are fantastic and I am so impressed with the quality and your service. I am away at the moment but over the next few weeks will start to place more orders with you for more items in different colours.

Jacqui Pattison, UK

Hello Bhuban, my shawls arrived yesterday late afternoon and I just wanted to tell you they are beautiful, lovely colours. It is still around 40 degrees heat at the moment as we still have a few more weeks of hot weather. So I will order again with you when the weather turns. Thank you once again and will contact you soon. Kindest regards Helen (:)

Helen Taylor , New South Wales, Australia

Namaste! Mr, Bhuban, I have had well received the parcel, and the number of the items are correct. Really appreciated your support, we are very happy with the quality and services. Hope these are going to be hit on the market, though the weather is going to be warmer. Anyway, thank you so much.

Yi-Ting Lee, Taiwan

HI Bhuban,
Hope this finds you doing well.. I wanted to let you know that the cable ponchos arrived today according my business partner. We did not even realize that they were shipped. Great news . Thank you again and we will keep you posted on sales. Our next big push in our new pop up shop will be in November.

Lisa Salamone, CA, USA

The order has arrived! Thank you, everything is in order and I appreciate it.

Hilary, USA

Hello! Yes I did - and I will be ordering soon! Thank you for the follow up email :)

C.Diane, UK

Hi Just to let you know that the goods have arrived and they are lovely. Thank you very much.I will get in touch again when I need a new order. kind regards

Lydia, UK

Thank you so much for your reply it is very helpful. Best regards

Fabienne, France

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