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Manufacturing and supply of luxurious cashmere
and pashmina products for wholesale customers.
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Shipping and Payment

UPS and DHL is our exclusive shipping partners, your shipment cost depends upon the size of order, the shipping cost is quite affordable as per as our agreement with UPS and DHL.

If you place an larger quantity then shipping cost goes very low so we request our client to make little larger order.


Delivery Time Frame

The delivery time frame depends upon the number of quantity ordered. The consignment of fewer than 100 units will be delivered within 5-12 days whereas consignment of 300-500 units will take about 30 days, depending upon the payment received date. We directly ship your order from Nepal.

Please contact us if you are looking to order larger quantity with great value on price and quality. The wholesale customer is requested to go to contact us page to obtain wholesale special prices information.

If you are not a wholesaler or buying few units for your sample order then we suggest you buy from our website, our website provides secure online shopping and accepts PayPal and credit card payment.