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How We Work

While we wholeheartedly welcome all types of customers to trade with us, our major transactions occur with Wholesalers, Retailers, Importers, Boutiques, and Clothing/Accessories. All these entrepreneurs thrive to join hands with us in our ultimate motive to help Nepal by creating job opportunities.

Sampling Process

Our ultimate desire is to help satisfy our customers the most with their purchases. For this, we strongly encourage you to buy a few items before placing a larger order. A wonderful business journey starts with your brain scratching itself with dazzling design ideas or your body itching for the solace of Pashmina touch, you lazily surfing the internet and stumbling upon our website, and together we bringing your design into life.

If you are a Startup Entrepreneur, we express our immense desire to get bamboozled by your peculiar genius, we are just a cup of coffee away.   

For your own design products and private label

For custom sample production we request you to send us your exact design and measurement specifications. It would take 2 to 3 weeks to produce the sample and send it to your destination. We would want nothing but your happiness so you will be fully informed of each decision while we work on your sample task. We provide private label services as well which enable you to make your own branding using our resources.


We collaboratively work with DHL to deliver your order on time. Your purchase is directly shipped from our factory in Kathmandu. Delivery time varies depending upon your chosen items. For instance, most of the stock items are dispatched from our warehouses within 2 working days.

We request you to email us in detail about your business nature so that we will be able to connect on a deeper level. Our stock item sample will be available to you within a week or you could purchase directly from our website itself. For a custom-made order, we request you to send us product details including specifications and images for the best service.

Order Process

When you approve our sample, we kindly request you to choose colors from our color chart. (Please click here to view our color chart-Neelam Colour Chart.) The size of your order does not matter, every piece of art is precious to us. Let us embark on our beautiful business journey with THE piece of Pashmina you have always desired. 

Delivery time for a larger order

We generally deliver your order from 2-3 weeks at your destination up to 500 unit items. However, larger orders might take more time, while urgent orders can be dealt with in an urgent manner. We heartily accept urgent orders as well, as we just wish you happiness and nothing less. 


Our website is enabled with e-commerce features with secure payment integration through PayPal and credit/debit cards.

We stand to replace or refund any faulty items, please send us any faulty items picture to approve replace or refund.
May we get the opportunity to bond over a cup of coffee and thousands of Pashmina units to follow.