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Dispatches from Nepal

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How We Work
Where does our cashmere yarn come from?
All our pure cashmere comes from Inner Mongolia, the source of cashmere yarn is the mountain goat, they are from high altitude himalayas (Nepal, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Kashmir).
Our cashmere yarn source
Hand weaving by Hand Looms
All our 100% Cashmere and  Shawls are done by hand looms.
Hand Loom by Hand
We knit by Hand, by Flat Knitting Machine or by Computer Knitting Machine for all the knitwear production.
Hand Flat Knitting work
Hand Spinning
Some of the old customers still like to have Hand Spinning Cashmere Yarn, we carefully do hand spinning work  four our classical customers to make shawls and scarves.
Hand Spinning work in Nepal
We consist of piece dyeing  or yarn  dyeing, it depends on order volume and colours.
cashmere colour yarn dying