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Manufacturing and supply of luxurious cashmere
and pashmina products for wholesale customers.
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The Highest quality ponchos from Nepal, we are the manufacturer and exporter of 100% pure cashmere hand-knitted poncho. We are using 100% of the finest cashmere yarn from the Cashmere goat, which found in the high Himalayas (Nepal, Magnolia, Tibet). Our ponchos are very stylish and some of our designs are presented below, we also welcome your own design cashmere poncho; meantime we have got stock of hundreds of ponchos in various color so please contact us for more details.

100% Cashmere Knit Poncho Pure Cashmere Poncho in Slash Neck Style

Product ID: wpcp001

Price: US$ 80.00

100% Cashmere V-Neck Poncho 100% Cashmere Poncho in V Neck

Product ID: wpcp002

Price: US$ 83.00

Slash Neck Cable Poncho Pure Cashmere Poncho in Cable Knit

Product ID: wpcp008

Price: US$ 90.00

Felted Cashmere Poncho Felted Cashmere Poncho

Product ID: wpcp004

Price: US$ 85.00

Cashmere Ruana (Cape) Poncho 100% Cashmere Ruana Cape Poncho

Product ID: wpcp007

Price: US$ 115.00

Turtle Neck Cashmere Poncho Turtle Neck Cashmere Poncho

Product ID: wpcp009

Price: US$ 90.00

Cashmere poncho with suede fringe Cashmere poncho with suede fringe

Product ID: cpsf001

Price: US$ 115.00

Cashmere poncho with Tassels fringe Cashmere poncho with Tassels fringe

Product ID: cpstf001

Price: US$ 115.00