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Pashmina cashmere shawls were first made by Mogul craftsmen for Emperor Akbar and in the early 19th Century these shawls were a favorite of Empress Josephine, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. 

It has not been less than four hundred years since Nepali craftsmen knowingly unknowingly started weaving magic alongside handing down it to generations. However, it was not earlier than 1980 since Pashmina started spinning commercially and…

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Nothing is more blissful than putting a ring on somebody’s finger. However, definitely not on a finger intact with a shivery body. There are a few things to put a ring on first before a chilly winter wedding. Yes, definitely. I am talking about THE warm and fuzzy and stylish Pashmina you have been eyeing for a few months. Not counted as cheating, relax. 

Since you have found your perfect life partner, it…

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Here you get a complete guide to style the fabulous Pashmina you own and if you don't, ye shall not fret for our sole motive is to help you find your long-lost Pashmina soulmate- HERE YOU GO.


Have a Pashmina shawl already? If not, ... this is the prize you're looking for. Have a belt already? If not, do visit the nearest shop asap because dear god, you are going…

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