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Specialized in cashmere and pashmina products, we offer you the very best values on quality Grade A luxury items hand made in Nepal.

HANDMADE IN NEPAL - We make the best Knitwear Cashmere Garments,  Pashmina Shawls, Scarf and Accessories.

We consist of two departments in our factories - (i) Knitting and  (ii) Weaving
Knitting department manufacture men, women and Kids Knitwear products like Cashmere Poncho, Cashmere Jumpers, Cashmere Cardigan, Cashmere Sweaters, Cashmere Fashionable Clothings, including Hat, Scarf, Wrap, Gloves, Socks and more Cashmere accessories. Weaving department produces different types of pashmina shawls and scarves for winter and summer seasons.

We export our products globally, our mission is to maintain high customer satisfaction by using the best technology and making high-quality products, we use traditional manufacturing methods and hand finishing by our highly skilled local crafter and our cashmere yarn comes from Mongolia.

We also welcome to send your custom design, our in-house design team like to follow cutting edge of fashion design and style. Your custom design samples are made by within 2 - 3 weeks, production will start when customer approve the sample.

Womens Knitwear